Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dark Flower Oasis -Rai's Dancing Silks

Beautiful... like a rainbow!

These silks might not be too everyone's taste - definitely no muted tones here - but they're perfect for any dancing girls of Gor.

While the bright colours mean you'll never be overlooked, the silks really impress when they're in motion.
Any illusion of modesty will be well and truly shattered when you start to strut your stuff!
I love how the belt and thigh band are made from knotted strips of silk.
The top silks don't come attached to a collar, they actually hook onto your own (clever!).
Set also includes a hair silk, a diadem, and some shiny, shiny anklets and bangles.

They come with mod/trans permissions, so perfect for gifting, but do be careful if you're going to push those prims around!

Available at the Dark Flower Oasis in-world store for 250L.

Hair - Madison from Analog Dog
Skin - Precious from Heartsick (group gift)
Shape - Hinako from Heaven's Gate (lucky board prize)

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