Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Free silks - Group gift at The Roawenwood

Searlait Nitschke must be alchemist - she's managed to turn a few scraps of fabric into slave gold!

And, she's giving it away to group members as part of her 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

It includes two prim tops (heart pasties are a Beautiful Dirty Rich marketplace freebie), silks skirt, bangles, armbands, nipple rings and earrings.

Hot stuff, I'm sure you'll agree...

If you want to pick it up, I suggest you  hurry, the traditional twelve days of Christmas end on 6 January, so I'm guessing they won't be out very much longer.

Don't forget the group gift kirtle is still out, not to mention various other gifties.

You'll find them under the tree at the in-world store.

Hair - Krystal from Truth
Skin - Ataciara from The.Plastik
Shape - Glow 2.2 from LAQ

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